New Tesla Model Y sightings shows the crossover is indeed an absolute unit (video)


30, 2019

The Tesla Model Y is expected to share around 70% of its components with the Tesla Model 3, but the whole point of a cross-over is that the car will be somewhat larger and more imposing than a regular sedan.

Now a video recorded by the Tesla Dashcam of kenken380 in San Jose finally lets us compare the physical presence of the Tesla Model Y against a variety of other vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3, BMW X5, a Mazda SUV, several sedans, a Ford truck, and a Jeep Commander.

The vehicle appears significantly taller than the Model 3, which should be good news for buyers who are taller and who may find the Model 3 cramped.

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The Tesla Model Y is expected to hit production ahead of schedule in Summer 2020. Do our readers feel the Model Y lives up the promise of a Tesla cross-over? Let us know below.

Via Elektrek

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