New Surface Ad From Microsoft, One Device For Everything In Your Life



Microsoft is releasing their next generation Surface devices Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 next month. Recently during the Reddit AmA session, Microsoft commented the following regarding the criticisms on their  ads for Surface devices.

Definitely true – some people love our ads, and some people really don’t like them.  Our new ads will launch shortly and highlight some of the great ways people love to use Surface.  We hope you like them! Our original ads were meant to drive breakthrough for a new brand.  We did hear the feedback and you will see our new campaign shortly – it shows some of the favorite ways our customers use Surface today.

I guess the above one is the first of many videos that are going to be released by Microsoft. As you can watch above, the new ad focuses on the device itself, how people can use it for both work and play, etc,. The ad ends with a familiar tagline, One Device For Everything In Your Life.

What do you think of this ad?

via: @tomwarren

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