New Subsciption TV service VRV coming to the Xbox One



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VRV (pronounced “verve” and nothing to do with Virtual Reality) is a new digital video subscription focussed around fan culture which will feature programming designed for people who want to see exclusive content from a select group of gaming, animation and other geek-culture subjects—without advertising

It will feature content from  Nerdist, the animation studio Frederator, the pop culture-focused digital brand Geek & Sundry and the NBCUniversal comedy subscription product Seeso. Ellation’s anime-centric media brand Crunchyroll will be part of VRV, as will content from Rooster Teeth.

The service will be coming to the Xbox, according to the service’s official twitter account.

The subscription prices have not been announced yet but fans will be able to subscribe to individual channels on an a la carte basis or to a basic cable-like package.

Paid content will be exclusive or timed exclusive and ad-free, but the channel will also include some free ad-supported content which has already run on other distribution networks.

“There are certain categories of content, such as animation, where ad-supported economics are very difficult on the web,” said Tom Pickett, chief executive of Ellation, the company behind the new streaming service.  “That’s certainly the case for Crunchyroll. And among our VRV partners, we have a lot of great brands that have built a big audience on YouTube and want to produce higher-end content. We can help them do that in a branded environment and help them tap into subscription economics, which is a lot harder to do on your own.”

It is not known yet when the service will arrive on the Xbox.

See a taste of the content in the video below:

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