New Star Soccer heading to Windows Phone

New Star Soccer iOS/Android

Pocket-lint reports that popular iOS and Android app New Star Soccer may be heading to Windows Phone.

Pocket-lint spoke to the developer Simon Read and asked about Windows Phone support, who responded, saying:

"That’s in the pipeline, maybe for version 2. I should be able to do a Windows Phone version, the language I use will build to the device. It’s just a case of finding the time to make that version and test it.”

Read is working on the next version of the app, which will include some elements of the PC version.

" I’m looking at this with fresh eyes. The gameplay side of it is completely different to the PC version, and that’s really what has hooked everybody, I think. It’s so much more fun to play these two-minute matches. So that’s the area I’m trying to develop further and make it more entertaining. Try not to lose what it’s got already, but add some more fun features. And remove maybe some of the less interesting things, like the interceptions."

Read more about the new developments in the game at Pocket-lint here.

Thanks Fernando for the tip.