New SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 Review

Today I reviewed the new SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 update and the update has some clear new improvements.

The UI has seen a drastic speed improvement that was sorely missing from the earlier version. The now carousel loads now a lot quicker and it is not laggy as the first version was, and the 3D spin is also a lot smoother.

The Add-ons also have seen an update. The 3D email and sms viewer load fast now and does not cut the contact picture anymore, it is also fast at going through the sms messages and if you have the newest 6.5.1 with TF3D 2.5, it now takes you there if you want to see all of your messages.

There is still one problem that has remained from the last version, but for which SPB really can not be faulted. The update still does not work well with the latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5.1, and still has issues with the larger soft keys on the bottom bar,  leading to unpredictable behaviour when used on devices running these ROMs.


Speed: This is worth the update from the old version, because you will see a big jump in speed. 4/5

Look: It looks the same, so no difference there. 4/5

Innovation: this does a great job with integrating your email, sms, weather, calls, Facebook and twitter account. It is still not as good as TF3D however. 4.5/5

Price: This is where it loses to other UI’s like TF3D. It cost about $19.99, which is pretty pricy, especially if your smartphone already comes with TouchFlo3D, but may be worth it for some. 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5 Awesome.

If you already have the original version, I’m sure you can get this update for free.


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