The new Skype is now available for download on Android

Microsoft introduced the next-generation of Skype recently. The new Skype is a lot more hip, and it’s quite a pivotal shift for the app. Microsoft started testing the new Skype with beta testers earlier this month, but the update is now rolling out to the main Skype app for all users on Android.

With the new Skype, Microsoft is introducing some new features to grab the attention of the young generation — also known as people who are addicted to Snapchat. So Microsoft built a clone of Snapchat Stories into Skype. The company’s Snapchat Stories clone is called Highlights, and it’s basically a way of sharing the highlights of your day with your friends on Skype. These highlights last for 7 days, which is just about 6 days more than Snapchat Stories.

The new Skype also includes a brand-new design that’s inspired by Instagram’s black-and-white design. It includes color gradients on the messages in the conversation UI, which are customizable to your own likings. And then there are the new add-ons which let you access things from third-party apps quickly without needing to leave Skype. For instance, Giphy has an add-on for Skype that lets you share a GIF in a conversation without needing to leave Skype which is very neat.

If you are a Skype user on Android, you can grab the latest update for the app from the link here. It’s quite a major change, so if you don’t like the new stuff at all, you might want to hold off for the time being.