New Security Features Added To Microsoft Accounts



Microsoft continues to strength the security of Microsoft accounts.  Most recently the Redmond software giant added the highly requested two step verification feature in April. The features revealed today were based on user feedback.  New security features for Microsoft Account include:

Recent activity

You can now view your sign-ins and other account activities.

MS Activity 1

The page displays different types of activity, including successful and unsuccessful sign-ins, the addition and deletion of security information and more. For each type of activity the kind of device and browser used is shown, what location the request came from including a map from Bing.

If a user sees something suspicious, there’s an easy “This wasn’t me” button that will help the user take steps to protect their account. Microsoft uses this information to help fine tune their protection mechanisms. You can read more about the new recent activity page here.

Recovery codes

In the rare event two step authentication fails Microsoft has added the ability to create a secure recovery code, which can be used to regain access to your account if you lose access to your other security information.

MS recovery-code 2

Anybody can add a recovery code to their account (even if two-step verification is not turned on). The recovery code is analogous to a spare key to your house – be sure you store it in a safe place. You can only request one recovery code at a time; requesting a new code cancels the old one.

More control of security notifications

Microsoft has added the ability for users to choose where they receive account notifications (e.g.. password reset notifications).

MS Notifications 3

Microsoft also updated our guidance on the best things to do to help keep your account safe, found here.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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