New SE Xperia screenshots shows why its worth waiting for.

There are quite a number of amazing smartphones out at the moment. Just looking at the Windows Mobile side, the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro and the Samsung Omnia are certainly stellar devices, but the one even non-windows mobile enthusiasts are still waiting for is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The form factor, extremely high-end specs and Sony’s media base all contribute to very high expectations of the device.

DailyMobile, a swedish blog, has managed to get their hands on some screen shots of the device in action, and they would seem to indicate that waiting for this device, delayed or not, is certainly wothwhile. The screenshot from youtube being displayed on Opera Mobile look desktop-like, and the flash client is clearly built-in. The media application and juke box look just as polished as that on the PS3, and the screenshot of the panels also demonstrate a number of other stylish applications that, in the end, will only be available on the Xperia.

Edit: Niklas, who is the lucky Xperia owner who made the screenshots, has posted that the Flash player has been added by themselves. There are more screenshots at


See some more screenshots after the break.

The panels interface shows a number of other attractive applications.

The media jukebox looks stylish and polished.

The web browser makes great use of the high resolution screen, and flash video fits in perfectly, as it would on the desktop.

For the whole collection see