New Report Reveals Why Consumers Choose Microsoft Xbox One Over Sony PS4 And Nintendo Wii U

Console Research 1

Nielson recently published their research results on the seventh gen gaming console. They asked consumers on the main reasons behind their purchase of specific gaming console. From their results, you can infer that Xbox One owners chose because of the brand, new innovative features, exclusive gaming content and fun-factor.

This holiday season also ushered in a transition away from the previous generation of systems (Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), with the eighth generation of gaming consoles (Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One) now available. However, even though their devices are new, the vast majority of eighth gen owners are not newcomers to console gaming: nine in 10 have previously owned a seventh gen console.

Nintendo has tapped into its loyal fan base with its latest system—86% of Wii U owners are prior Wii owners. Consumers appreciate the fun-factor, kid-friendliness, and value of Wii U. Not far behind, three of four Microsoft Xbox One owners are previous Xbox 360 owners. And this is understandable, as these consumers indicate their top reason for purchasing an Xbox One was the brand. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 has shown an ability to capture both previous PlayStation 3 owners, as well as competitive seventh gen users, thanks to its superior resolution, Blu-ray player and game library according to purchasers.

Source: Nielson