New Report Claims That Rich Presentation Task Bar And Cortana Are Coming In Windows 9/Threshold

Microsoft Taskbar Previews

Few days back, we reported about a Microsoft patent which described about a system displaying rich presentation taskbar buttons for a corresponding application. It seems this feature may be coming to Windows 9/Threshold in some form or the other. Today, Neowin reported few details about the upcoming version of Windows based on their sources within Microsoft. We already know that Windows Threshold will allow desktop users to avoid the current Start Screen by using the new Start Menu that will have Live Tiles. Also, some versions of Windows Threshold shipping for smaller tablets will not have desktop mode at all.

Here is the summary of what Neowin reported today,

  • Windows Threshold Desktop will have modern and more flat design than current Windows 7/Windows 8 design.
  • Icons in the task bar are interactive, described as ‘mini Live Tiles’ by their source. Microsoft is toying with glance-and-go style functionality for the taskbar too. Read about it more here.
  • Cortana is coming to Windows 9/Threshold. It can be accessed from the Taskbar.
  • Modern apps will run inside classic Windows like how ModrenMix works.

What do you think of these features?

Source: Neowin