New Release of Omnicontext Analytics for Windows Phone

Hypersoft, a leading innovator in the growing mobile analytic category, recently released the latest version of its OmniContext™ Analytics app for Windows Phone. The OmniContext™  Analytics Mobile Agent discreetly does periodic and real-time data tracking of GPS, compass, accelerometer, contacts and calendar activities. These personal activity ‘footprints’ are consolidated and analyzed via the Hypersoft cloud service, which generates statistics for both desktop Windows PC and mobile Windows Phone reports.

By giving users precise information about what they do on a daily basis, OmniContext™ Analytics allows them to get insight into their own work and play habits and the ability to self-manage to make positive, permanent changes.  OmniContext™ was developed by Hypersoft based on a decade of experience in understanding how executives in dynamically changing organizations use metrics to do effective decision-making.

New features in the latest release include

  • added Bluetooth functionality;
  • application tiles that can be resized to small, normal or wide;
  • ability to see notifications on your lock screen.

Because it’s integrated with the OmniContext™ enterprise solution, it’s now possible to see a wide range of reports on the Windows Phone that provide insight into an organization’s communication and collaboration processes.

OmniContext™ Analytics is currently available for Windows, Android and Windows Phone. The new app can be downloaded here from the Windows Phone Store.