New Reader app looks great, works great

NewsLab is a beautiful new application for reading your favourite news and blogs on your phone. Featuring a clean and intuitive user interface, NewsLab is designed from the ground up for an enjoyable, seamless reading experience.

The app features:

  • Simple to navigate, quick to use!
  • Easily discover new content to fit your interests!
  • Detects embedded YouTube videos and makes them playable with a single click!
  • Quickly share content with friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message!
  • Integrates with Instapaper so you can read interesting articles later!
  • Stores content between uses for quick startup!
  • Read cached content even when the app is offline or in airplane mode!
  • Tap and hold a tile to enter edit mode, then drag and drop to organize things the way you like best!
  • Designed by people who care about design!

Newslab in $0.99 with a free trial and can be found in Marketplace here.