New Prototype Lumia RM-1201 pass through GFXBench: Updated


The Lumia 940 and 940 XL are just about 100% leaked right now, which means its time to move on to the next mystery device.

NokiaPowerUser reports this morning that a mysterious new prototype Windows phone has made an appearance at GFXBench under their unprocessed results.

The device, the MSLumia RM-1201 is a prototype handset, and will presumably be a new Windows 10 Mobile handset.

Microsoft is expected to deliver between 4 and 6 devices over the next year, which includes 2 already leaked flagships, some mid-range business handsets and some low-end affordable devices.

The device would therefore be the business-focussed Surface phone, or another forgettable 5 series handset.  Lets hope its the former rather than the later.

Update: The device is likely a hoax, based on the letters on the end, which appear to be a rude word in Italian.