Over 1.6 million chickens killed by AmusedSloth

The latest update to Chickens Can Dream is now online on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

We’re happy to announce the addition of the following to the game:

  • Two new power-ups: slow down and lantern
  • A new obstacle: jump pad
  • Eight new Facts
  • A new touch-based input method. We listened to people’s feedback and tried to find a touch-only input method. We’d like to see what people think about it.
  • As usual, more bug fixes and optimizations

Also, for the pleasure of our readers, we’d like to let them know of some statistics:

  • Over 80.000 players have played the game so far
  • Over 1.614.353 chickens were ‘studied’ over the world
  • On average, each player studied 28.2 chickens
  • There is one player that tested a total of 2098 chickens
  • The longest play session was 2 hours and 36 minutes
  • The obstacles that were the most deadly are:
    • Barrier – 539394 deaths
    • Fan – 444941 deaths
    • Saw-on-a-rail – 206539 deaths

For more information about the game, see amusedsloth.com