New Porting Thread by Da_G


After the long week without any news on the WP7 port (mostly due to the stupid comments that is taking up the thread), Da_G has created a new thread to keep you updated. The new tread was created yesterday and has some words that I do not know, and really do not think I should know.

One thing I do know is copy and paste: Thread

HTC WP7 NBH Dump/Rebuild:
NBHImageTool Dump/Rebuild (dumped as os.nb in NBHImageTool):
(tool creation pending)
Combine xidump with the attached cecompr_nt.dll supporting XPH
IMGFS Build:
Combine imgfsfromdump with the attached cecompr_nt.dll supporting XPH
dumprom works well for this.
(tool creation pending)

Warning Warning… Rant Coming

If you are interested in the porting status, you can follow the thread daily. To many readers, you might not really know what the words are, or what is going on but here is something that is really annoying to me when trying to read the thread. “so…could somebody make a rom for all topaz devices with this and the mondrian rom now” and my favorite“Could someone make a rom for a titan (XV6800) ? heh… Yea, It’s about time I get a new phone…”. Really dude? I mean why would people care about your pursuit of a ROM for your device. The porting game, and ROM making game is not even close. Please for the life of the thread don’t post things like this:

“Thanks guys, I want this one my device… any ETA?”
”Can A ROM be created for my HD2 NOW!!!!!!”
”When will the port come to the Touch Pro2, and Diamond 2? I want it?

Okay I think I speak for everyone to say… we all want this, and you are not special that you need to post and mess up a whole thread just because you don’t want to wait and see what happens. If I worked the way most of those commenter’s worked, that thread would see at least 20 posts from me, but you know what, I know how to control my excitement.

Also to help Da_G, here are some answers to your questions:
”Will this come to my device” Answer: Most likely know, if porting is successful, it seems only the HD2 will get it.
”When is the ETA” Answer: Have you ever tried porting something you know little about? no, well it is not easy, so don’t ask.
”Thank You” Answer: You are very welcome, and so is just about everyone that is reading the thread. So no need to say.

Well from what I have seen those are the three most used responses, and the most annoying because it is killing the thread.

Rant End

I do not hope to offend anyone, just I thought it was best to add that little rant to the article because the newly created thread by Da_G has already seen some worthless post.

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