New Perfect Dark game may be in development at Xbox’s The Initiative


27, 2020

Xbox’s mysterious first-party development studio The Initiative has been rather quiet since their inception last year, but they might be working on an all-new Perfect Dark game.

Twitter user Klobrille recently posted a link to a LinkedIn profile for a technical designer that was employed by the new development studio.

The technical designer’s profile claims that The Initiative’s upcoming project is an Unreal Engine 4 project that features “various weapons, gadgets, and a camera surveillance system”.

While the technical designer has since left The Initiative – the designer in question moved to VR studio Wevr in February – they were “responsible for supporting Level Designers, System Designers, and Engineers with any scripting needs” during the game’s development.

Rumours of The Initiative working on a new Perfect Dark title have been circling for a while; rumours also state the Gears of War developer The Coalition will be working on the game’s multiplayer component.

After being absent from Xbox’s exclusives lineup since 2005’s mediocre Perfect Dark Zero, the first-person shooter franchise is owed a fantastic revival. After 15 years of technological advancement, could we finally get an awesome globe trotting adventure with Joanna Dark? We sure hope so!

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