Last year multiple companies announced their own foldable phones and set a benchmark for others who are in the development process. Now a new patent filing reveals that Xiaomi is planning to jump on the foldable phones bandwagon.

According to a patent filed with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), Xiaomi is planning to launch a foldable phone similar to the Huawei Mate Xs. The phone will have the full display on the front which is the opposite of what Samsung has done with the Galaxy Fold series. The patent shows a phone with narrow bezels with four lenses that can be used as both front and back cameras. Xiaomi has also added physical volume and power buttons and the device has a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer.

While Xiaomi has a similar design as Huawei, the company still holds a big advantage over Huawei. Due to the ongoing ban, Huawei cannot use Google Play Services on its devices making Mate Xs less appealing when compared to other foldable offerings which come with Google Play Services and have access to a suite of Google apps including the Play Store and Google Maps.

Via LetsGoDigital