Many of us find uncleared notification bubbles an ongoing annoyance, and this can be doubly so when the Your Phone app brings notifications, often duplicated, from your phone to your desktop.

Microsoft is currently rolling out a setting which will make it easier for users to clear the Your Phone notification bubble on the taskbar icon.

Currently, to clear the bubble for new text messages, for example, you have to view each new text message.

The change would allow users to simply visit the text message category if they prefer to clear all the notifications associated with that category.

There is also an even easier option to simply clear all notifications when you open the Your Phone app.

This change is currently rolling out to all Insiders and to 10% of regular users.

Microsoft is also currently rolling out the Calls feature of the app and is testing using your phone wallpaper as part of an acrylic background for the menu area and as the background of Your Phone app.

Microsoft most recently added an improved phone gallery feature to the app, support for using the touch screen on your PC to interact with your phone, dual-SIM support, better notification support, and features such as transmitting your battery status and wallpaper to your PC and support for pen input.

You can download and install Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC from this link, or you can head over Microsoft Store and search for the app.