New Nokia Patent Application Reveals Smartwatch Designs With Multiple Displays


Microsoft tried their first attempt on smart watches with their SPOT series of watches, but it failed with consumers as it was too ahead of its time. Nokia has always shown interest in wearable tech, their old concept videos showed us how a wearable watch can act like a phone, etc,. Recently, consumer electronics companies have again started to consider smart watches and few like Samsung, Sony have even released their products to the public for sale.

A new Nokia patent has revealed a smartwatch concept which has multiple displays. Here is the abstract from their research paper,

We present Facet, a multi-display wrist worn system consisting of multiple independent touch-sensitive segments joined into a bracelet. Facet automatically determines the pose of the system as a whole and of each segment individually. It further supports multi-segment touch, yielding a rich set of touch input techniques. Our work builds on these two primitives to allow the user to control how applications use segments alone and in coordination. Applications can expand to use more segments, collapses to encompass fewer, and be swapped with other segments. We also explore how the concepts from Facet could apply to other devices in this design space.

See a video demo after the break.

Read more about it here.

Source: USPTO via: Engadget

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