New Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are coming



Earlier today, Nintendo announced a brand new Nintendo Switch model with extended battery life. Along with this new version of the Switch, Nintendo also revealed two new pairs of Joy-Cons with fresh new colour options.

One pair of Joy-Cons is set to be Blue and Neon Yellow, while the other pair boasts a Neon Purple and Neon Orange combination.

However, there’s currently no word on whether these new Joy-Cons will have the infamous drift issue, or whether Nintendo are looking into fixing it and improving the Joy-Cons’ inner workings.

The drift issue is where the joystick on the Joy-Con assumes that it’s receiving some sort of input, even though nobody’s touching it. This causes it to essentially develop a mind of its own, causing unintended effects in games.

There’s no actual official fix for the issue, meaning that your options consist of sending in your Joy-Cons for repair, purchasing a DIY kit and doing it yourself, or just giving up and buying brand new Joy-Cons.

Hopefully, Nintendo will listen to the concerns of their players and fix the drift issue before putting these brightly coloured bundles of joy up for sale.

Both pairs of these funky fresh new Joy-Cons will be available as of the 4th of October. They’ll retail at $79.99 per pair.

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