New MyPhone premium features


6, 2009

myphoneWe have reported previously on new rumoured features of Microsoft’s MyPhone service.  Microsoft have revealed exactly what we can expect.

Ring Your Phone: Lets you remotely ring you device so it’s easier for you to find it incase you misplaced it somewhere.

Locate your phone: If somebody has stolen your phone (and was dumb enough not to turn it off..)This feature will enable the GPS receiver on your device and show it on a map

Lock Phone: This will lock your phone a desplay a message (it can be your name and contact information) in case your lost your phone and somebody finds it

Erase your phone: Remote wipe your phone (the best of the 4 features IMO)

The features are free to trial for 60 days and will cost you $4.99 per use afterwards, which, if you lose your phone once per month is still cheaper than MobileMe 😉


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