Mortal Kombat finally has a solid release date. Well, the live action movie does.

With the movie becoming the largest film production in South Australia, MK has a considerable creative force behind this new film production.

According to Warner Bros, the MK reboot will release in cinema on March 5th, 2021. Hopefully, we’ll see lots of blood, gore, and fatalities.

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Mortal Kombat will finally receive a new entry in its long-abandoned film franchise sometime next year.

Planned as a reboot of the 1997 Mortal Kombat movie by Paul W.S AndersonMortal Kombat aims to bring the furious fighter back onto the big screen.

After years of production issues, the film is finally in pre-production with shooting slated to start soon. According to Premiere of South Australia Steve Marshall, MK is set to be the largest film production in South Australia.

In a report by Variety, the film’s production is estimated to create 580 jobs alongside the hiring of 1,500 extras. The film is expected to “inject” $70 million (Australian) back into the South Australian economy.

“’Mortal Kombat’ will be the largest film production in South Australia’s history and highlights the importance of engaging with the world’s major production houses,” Steven Marshall said. “The state government’s investment in ‘Mortal Kombat’ will enhance the scope and reach of our production and post-production capabilities, bringing the promise of fantastic new jobs for the local film industry.”

Produced through a collaboration between Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema, the MK Reboot will be produced by Aquaman and The Conjuring director James Wan. Directing duties are being handled by new director Simon McQuoid with Larry Kasanoff (Mortal Kombat) and E Bennett Walsh (Men in Black: International) also attached.

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With Minecraft, Detective Pikachu and, oh God, Sonic the Hedgehog all getting movie adaptations, Mortal Kombat is worthy of a return. After all, with MK 11 being one of the best fighters released this gen, a great movie would be some tasty icing on an already delicious cake.