New Microsoft Edge improvements for enterprise including PDF reader, notes and more.


22, 2020

At Ignite 2020 Microsoft announced 4 further improvements to make Edge an ever more essential tool for enterprise users.

Digital Signatures and Interactive table of contents

In Microsoft Edge, users will be able to view and validate certificate-based digital signatures on PDF files, ensuring the documents are in the state intended by the signer. Also, interactive tables of content will be available with the Microsoft Edge PDF viewer, enabling end users to quickly navigate to where they need to go in the PDF.

Add notes to PDFs

Users can add notes to PDFs for future recall. Taking notes is especially useful when a user is doing some research, or when they’re collaborating with others in the organization over PDF files. These capabilities will be available in October.

Microsoft Search in Edge

Immediately available is an even easier way to find your work files, colleagues and sites with a new Microsoft Search shortcut in Windows 10. Just type “work” into the Microsoft Edge address bar and hit the “tab” key to begin searching. It’s a convenient way to get to your work-specific content without losing your flow.

Enterprise New Tab page

Also, with the updated Enterprise New Tab page, information workers will have access to personalized, work-relevant company and industry news feeds, in addition to their Office 365 feed, all on a single page.

Learn more about this update here.

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