New Microsoft ads suggests Microsoft is killing the Windows Phone brand


19, 2014


Microsoft today released two new Windows Phone and Windows advertisements. As previous reports suggested, the company will kill the Windows Phone brand name soon. With the new ads, Microsoft makes it clear that the company will soon call all the Windows products only “Windows”. It’s worth noting that one of the new ad doesn’t also stated “Windows 8.1”, the company states only “Windows” throughout the ad.

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First off is the Windows Phone ad where storm chaser Scott Hammel uses his Windows Phone and Surface to entertain himself. Alongside the features of Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, the ad also features the “MRLevel3”. If you didn’t know, MRLevel3 is an exclusive app for Windows Phone that costs a hefty £15.99. Surprisingly, the ad does state “Windows Phone” at one point.

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On the second advertisement, Microsoft highlighted several useful apps that are available on Windows and Windows Phone. However, the second advertisement didn’t mentioned Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone at all.

It seems like Microsoft is finally making Windows a single platform. The company is rumored to bring “One Windows” to consumers sometime soon. Microsoft recently removed the “Nokia” brand from Lumia smartphones as well.

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