New Leaks Reveal Deep Skype Integration In webOS, Next Stop Windows Phones?

As discussions on Skype integration in Windows Phones still going on after Microsoft annoounced their Skype acquisition, new leaks on webOS 2.2 rekindles the discussions. A German webOS blog have posted screenshots of upcoming Skype integration in webOS. It is possible to Skype call/video call/chat a person on Skype from his profile, i.e from Contact list. Video calls are supported through 3G and wifi as well. You can check Skype credit from Phone menu itself. Last but not the least, You can make Skype your default voice call provider in your phone or you can set it to ask at every call. Very cool integration right? Expect even more tighter integration of Skype in Windows Phones ! ! ! May be in Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone Post-Mango update??

Source: ( Bing translated)