Square Enix has initiated the hiring process for a new Kingdom Hearts title, presumably Kingdom Hearts 4.

Spotted by website Gematsu, the Japanese company has started looking for new talent for the next Kingdom Hearts project.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Square is looking for a number of new roles to be filled. The company is currently looking to fill the following positions: UI designers, effects designers and technical artists.

The job listing is straightforward: Square has simply stated that they are looking for developers to work on the “HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series.” With the title’s Re:Mind DLC already out in Japan, the developer could be working on one of three things.

Judging from the series’ history, it’s most likely that the new title will be a spin-off of some kind, but with the third game already receiving some DLC, there is reason to suspect more. However, if Square Enix really wants to capitalise on the hype that numbered Kingdom Hearts games create, going all-in on the fourth entry would be a great move.

When we reviewed the franchise’s newest installment, the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, we found it to be a magical experience. While not without its issues, it was a great entry in the series with plenty to offer. Read our review of the game right here.

What are your thoughts on this new Kingdom Hearts game? Are you hoping for a fourth entry? Or do you want a bazillion more spin-offs?