New in the WMPU software store – Easy Busy – automatic call blocking for your phone

easybusyEasy Busy is like a fire wall for phone calls, allowing one to easily block selected callers, constantly giving them the busy signal until you decide otherwise.


  • Calls rejected by an instant busy tone (not interrupting your privacy)
  • Ultra-fast caller recognition (caller thinks the line is busy)
  • Blocking of selected contacts from your phonebook (full phonebook integration)
  • Blocking of manually added to Easy Busy contacts (for persistent callers out of your phonebook)
  • Log with all rejected calls (so that you can later check who has tried to reach you)
  • Discrete indicator on the phone stand-by screen that Easy Busy is running in the background (feature may not be available on some Windows Mobile phones)
  • Easy set-up and simple to use
  • Easy adding and removing of blacklisted contacts (to quickly switch when situation changes)
  • Auto-start on system startup (to never miss loading your Easy Busy phone guard)

The software is $6.99 and is tied to your phones IMEI, so can only be used on one phone.  A 20 phone call trial is however available.

Read more in the store here.