New HTC Fuze ROM leaked

HTC_FUZE Who says its only HTC’s unbranded products that get all the update love?  FuzeMobility reports that a new AT&T ROM for the HTC Fuze has leaked, which brings with it a host of improvements and updates.

From the comments on the thread there, the following improvements are noted:

  • it has the fm radio player under at&t music
  • it has the slide to answer canvas
  • so far Microsoft voice command works perfectly….no issues yet
  • it has opera 9.5 build 15445
  • video share actually works
  • you can re-assign the PTT button to something else
  • touchflo3d is version 1.2.35348.2_1813.6
  • music sync under at&t music

Commenters note in particular that the device seems much faster.

For an extensive list of updated apps see FuzeMobility here.

Thanks DavidK for the tip