Both the Democrats and Republicans in the USA have found a common enemy in Big Tech, and today a Bipartisan House of Representative’s bill has been introduced which attempts to rein in Google and Apple.

The bill is a companion bill to a similar Senate bill from 3 days ago sponsored by Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Amy Klobuchar and Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn.

This bill has been sponsored by Ken Buck, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee antitrust panel and Democrat Representative Hank Johnson.

It seeks to bar big app stores from preventing app providers from use alternate app stores and payment systems.

“For far too long, companies like Google and Apple have had a stranglehold on app developers who are forced to take whatever terms these monopolists set in order to reach their customers,” Buck said in an email statement.

The Bipartisan Senate and Representatives bill is expected to have more success than earlier attempts in state legislatures, which so far uniformly failed.

“I found this predatory abuse of Apple and Google so deeply offensive on so many levels,” said Senators Blumenthal. “Their power has reached a point where they are impacting the whole economy in stifling and strangling innovation.”

via Reuters