New Game for Windows Phone – MathStax!

MathStax, an educational game that makes learning basic math facts fun, has just been released for Windows Phone 7 (and 8).

MathStax was developed by a father and his 6 year old daughter to assist her with learning math facts.  Flash cards were boring and ineffective, so they designed a game that would take the pain out of learning, and actually make it fun.

MathStax is a challenging game, appropriate for all ages, that will test both your math skills and reflexes.  As number blox fall from the sky and pile up you must use them to solve progressively more difficult math problems.  If the blox reach the top, the game is over. You can strategically use bombs and wildcard blox to keep the stax at reasonable levels.

MathStax has four play modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each play mode also has 3 difficulty levels.  As you reach certain milestones you will be rewarded with a medal that indicates your achievement.

The game is available on Windows Phone Marketplace for USD $0.99 with an unlimited play trial mode for all addition game modes.

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