New French web adverts tout enterprise features, Must Have games



After reportedly lacklustre advertising efforts in the French market, Microsoft (in concert with Orange) has launched not one, but two new online advertising campaigns for Windows Phone 7: the first playing up WP7’s Xbox Live integration and “Must Have” games, the second aimed at business users.

The page linked to by the “Must Have” campaign opens with an advert for WP7 devices on Orange for a mere 19/month, and talks up the gaming features (translated:)

Keep the game beyond your living room with the Xbox LIVE Windows Phone!

Find your Gamertag on your mobile and follow the progress of your Gamerscore and your success at any time. You can also compare your performance with your contacts Xbox LIVE.

Changing your avatar on your phone like on your console. Personalize it, dress him and make him live in the palm of your hand.

Discover the best mobile games with stunning graphics and animations: Hydro Thunder Go – May 25, Doodle Jump – June 1, geoDefense – June 8, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I – June 15, Plants vs. Zombies – Jun. 22, Angry Birds – June 29

It’s time to upgrade to Windows Phone!

Meanwhile, the more soberly presented Windows Phone for Professionals sells WP7’s enterprise features (also translated):

Why settle for a smartphone designed for business use
when you can do so much more with Windows Phone?

Thanks to Outlook, go to your mail wherever you are.
View, edit and send attachments of your emails with Office.

With Windows Live Messenger on Windows Phone, please
and chat with all your friends at home or on their mobile.

With Internet Explorer, surf the web like on your PC to view
your accounts, book your travel or do your shopping online.

Discover the world of Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone: graphics and animations
worthy of handheld and an exceptional choice.

It’s time to upgrade to Windows Phone!


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