New Features And Changes In Windows 10 Build 9879


Microsoft today released Windows 10 Build 9879 to Windows Insiders. It includes number of changes and improvements based on user feedback. Read them below.

Changes and Improvements:

  • With 9879 you can now hide the Search or Task View buttons on the taskbar. Just right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the check boxes for whichever button you want to hide.
  • We heard that the new minimize and restore animations for apps we introduced in the last build were a bit jarring so we’ve updated them. Check them out and let us know what you think.
  • We also heard that it was too hard to find the charms and full screen button in modern apps. We have replaced the 3 dots in the Window chrome for modern apps with a “hamburger-style” icon (three lines) that we believe will make it easier to discover.
  • Less visible but still super important are all of the crash and hang issues that you’ve reported as you’ve been using the builds. We’ve fixed a lot of issues that you’ve hit, and you are directly contributing to our ability to make Windows 10 more stable for everyone.

New Features:

  • You can now use Snap Assist when snapping apps across multiple monitors. We’ve also introduced new 3 finger gestures for precision touchpads. Here is the list of the new 3 finger gestures for you to try:
    • 3 finger up -> Task View
    • 3 finger down -> Show Desktop
    • 3 finger flick to left or right -> switches to previous app (go back 1)
    • 3 finger move left or right -> Alt-Tab (Task View) pops up and you can select the app you want (remove fingers to select)
    • 3 finger tap -> Search
  • For Windows 10, having OneDrive provide fast and reliable sync of your files is important. Starting with this build, OneDrive will use selective sync. This means you choose what you want synced to your PC and it will be. What you see is really there and you don’t need to worry about downloading it. You can choose to have all of your OneDrive files synced to your PC, or just the ones you select.
  • Also in Windows 8.1, there were multiple ways you could get to your OneDrive files such as through the modern OneDrive app or through File Explorer. We heard a lot of feedback around this as well. It wasn’t obvious exactly where to go for your OneDrive files. In Windows 10, we are providing people with one easy way to get to their OneDrive files – through File Explorer. To manage OneDrive, just right-click on the OneDrive icon in the notification area and click “Settings” to manage how OneDrive behaves.

Internet Explorer:

  • The Internet Explorer Team is working hard to make significant browser improvements in Windows 10 and in this build, we are enabling our new interoperability focused Edge rendering engine for 10% of Windows Insiders. You can help us improve quality by surfing the web with Internet Explorer as you normally would and watching for broken web sites. If you see a problem, just click the smiley face feedback button in the upper right corner of IE and select “Send a Frown”. There’s more information on IE’s new Edge rendering engine in this blog post from the IE Team.

MKV Support Added:

You can now play MKV files directly from Windows Media Player (as well as other desktop and modern apps), MKV files will show thumbnails and metadata in File Explorer, support for DLNA and Play To scenarios has been added, and more. We also added platform support for H.264 HEVC for Windows 10 as well, and we’re not done here yet. More news to come on this later.

UI Refinements:

We’ve also made a few UI refinements. In File Explorer, we’ve made some tweaks and you can now pin your favorite folders to Home.