New DODONPACHI MAXIMUM game trailer, coming on the 7th March


CAVE Interactive have released a new trailer for their exclusive Windows Phone 7 game,   “DODONPACHI MAXIMUM”, coming to Marketplace on March 7, 2012.

DODONPACHI MAXIMUM is a serious “Danmaku” style shooter that can be played with the swipe of a finger. The players board on a shooting simulator machine developed by a fictional weapon manufacturer EVAC* and embark on missions to dodge the barrages of fire and defeat the enemies projected on screen. Appearances from ships and enemies from CAVE’s past titles such as DODONPACHI BLISSFUL DEATH and DODONPACHI RESURRECTION is another notable feature of the title.

To make shooting experience on smartphones as intuitive and fun as possible, DODONPACHI MAXIMUM was created with the simplest controls without hindering the adrenaline-rushing quality of dodging enemy fire and blowing up adversaries. All shots are fired automatically so all you need is a single finger to navigate your ship through the barrages of bullets. You can maximize the gameplay by tapping on the screen with two fingers to launch powerful explosives. A serious shooter with easy controls, DODONPACHI MAXIMUM brings the excitement of a manic shooter to wide range of players from beginners to hardcore shooting fans!

The five available stages change in difficulty level depending on the results of the previous stage, providing challenge even for the experts of the genre. You can also use combos and items to aim for higher score. DODONPACHI MAXIMUM is a shooter made for everyone.

The game will be $4.99 and be available on Japanese and English.

Read more about the game at Cave here.