New Documents Leak Reveals The Discussion Between Microsoft And The Government On PRISM Data

Microsoft NSA 1

Guardian last year reported that Microsoft handed the NSA access to unencrypted Skype and messages. It said that Microsoft collaborated closely with US intelligence services to allow users communications to be intercepted. Microsoft responded to the allegations saying that they comply with US laws.

The following was the response from Microsoft regarding messages data,

First, while we did discuss legal compliance requirements with the government as reported last week, in none of these discussions did Microsoft provide or agree to provide any government with direct access to user content or the ability to break our encryption. Second, these discussions were instead about how Microsoft would meet its continuing obligation to comply with the law by providing specific information in response to lawful government orders.

Today, Greenwald via his new books has revealed the documents which shows the discussion Microsoft and the US government had regarding PRISM program. It shows that Microsoft is giving access to, OneDrive and Skype as part of this program, but Microsoft’s argument here is that they will provide access to data only on legal requests.

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via: Techcrunch Source: Greenwald