New dark theme spotted on Windows 10 Build 10056

Windows 10 Build 10056 Screenshots 1

Windows 10 Build 10056 was released to Microsoft’s partners yesterday. We’ve already seen some new things on the latest build and expect a leaked ISO of Build 10056 this weekend. Nonetheless, ITHome is reporting that Build 10056 comes with a dark theme – take a look at the screenshots below:

As you can see from the above screenshots, the dark theme basically changes most of the color on Windows 10 to black which looks quite nice but the whole operating system doesn’t have the dark theme yet and some of the elements are still light aka white. One of the screenshots on the above gallery also shows that Microsoft is planning to add more customization to Windows 10. However, according to ITHome, those features aren’t currently functional.

A dark theme on Windows 10 isn’t a surprising as Windows Phone already has a dark theme and previous rumors suggested the arrival of a dark theme. Nonetheless, tell us what you think about the dark theme in the comment section below!