New commercial promotes Windows Phone as safe pacifier for annoying children


20, 2013

A commenter recent suggested the reason Microsoft did not implement VPN and instead spent the time on Kids Corner was that it was pointless to simply replicate the features of other operating systems, but that time was better spent creating features uniquely Windows Phone and using those as selling points.

One such feature is of course Kids Corner and Microsoft has been pushing it pretty hard, starting with Joe Belfiore’s children at the Windows Phone 8 unveil to Jessica Alba and Holly Willoughby’s’s own broods.

The latest UK Windows Phone commercial pushes the same message. According to a study by showed 75% of mothers regularly give their children their smartphone to play with. Kathleen Holmes, principal designer for Microsoft’s Windows Phone, explains: “…sometimes letting my kids watch a video on my phone gives me a few moments of quiet to catch my breath.”

Kids Corner lets parents do this knowing their children will only have access to approved apps and content, and in the commercial Microsoft is pushing it as a pragmatic solution for overly curious children.

Of course ideally one should rewards curiosity with knowledge, and it would be interesting to see if this ad will resonate with tired mothers or backfire badly  on Microsoft.

What do our readers think of the ad? Let us know below.

Via WPDaily

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