New Aven Colony, Injustice 2 and The Surge trailers highlight survival in treacherous conditions

While Aven Colony, Injustice 2 and The Surge all belong to different genres, their latest trailers feature a common theme: survival. Aven Colony is a city building game which tasks you with colonizing a harsh alien world filled with numerous threats. Injustice 2 focuses on survival during wars and how to resist an invasion. Lastly, The Surge focuses on minute-to-minute survival against one challenging enemy after another.

Aven Colony

A gripping, rich simulation of an alien colony, Aven Colony allows you to build, customize and maintain your settlement within Aven Prime, a hostile extraterrestrial world full of deserts, tundras, badlands and wetlands light years from Earth. Dive in to an extensive dedicated single-player campaign where you’ll need to brave Aven Prime’s harsh environments with freezing winters, lightning storms, ice storms and toxic gas clouds. Prepare for attacks from the locals, including giant acid-spewing sand worms, creep spores that infect your buildings, and plague spores that infiltrate your colony and infect your colonists. You must protect your colony from everything the planet has to throw at them, and shape the future of the survival of the human race.

Injustice 2

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment revealed the new Injustice 2: Shattered Alliances — Part 4 trailer that delves deeper into the origins of the villainous alliance known as The Society. Led by the genius telepathic Gorilla Grodd, The Society brings together Bane, Cheetah, Catwoman, Captain Cold, Deadshot, Scarecrow and other notorious villains as they fight to fill the power void left by Superman’s defeat.

The Surge

The Surge gives players greater control over what they loot from defeated enemies. During combat, they can individually target specific body parts, which they can damage with a wise combination of vertical and horizontal attacks to then slice off, and what part they dismember directly determines what piece of equipment they loot. When approaching an enemy, players will make a difficult decision, do they target an unarmored body part for a shorter fight, or risk a lengthier, damaging battle for a chance at slicing off a shiny new piece of equipment?

All of these games are great titles and you should definitely consider them. Aven Colony will appeal to those who love SimCity or Tropico 5. Injustice 2 should appeal to any fighting game fan. Last but not least, The Surge should appeal to anyone who loves Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Nioh or Lords of the Fallen. All of these games are coming out in the coming weeks so the wait won’t be too long!

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