New AOL On App In Windows Store Allows You To Watch movies And Original TV Shows For Free


13, 2015

Author Pradeep // in Apps

AOL On Windows Store

The new AOL On app on Windows Store is a hub for millions of videos on breaking news, celebrity tidbits and the newest tech demos from a range of providers, including Reuters, E!, Engadget and Miramax.


Watch the latest videos – from breaking news, celebrity gossip, and now with movies! AOL On has the best videos from Reuters, E!, Engadget, Miramax and many more. AOL On turns on your day with what you should be watching now – whether that’s breaking news, celebrity gossip, the newest tech demo, or even a movie. Check out our library of over a million videos on every topic – all for free!
  • Watch Movies for free
  • Watch Original TV shows
  • Watch videos of the latest news and varying topics

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

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