New and rejuvenated universal search app Kirik Search lets you search within other apps



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Kirik Search, the first universal search app has been rejuvenated with a new updated version. The new version lets you launch results within other apps rather than webapps. As of now, Metrotube (Youtube), Mehdoh (Twitter) and Nokia apps (Music, Maps and Drive) are supported. Type a search query then click on the icons corresponding to the relevant category and the apps are launched with the search query. For e.g if you type “Flo Rida” and click on youtube icon, Metrotube is launched and it shows all results on youtube with this query.

Note only WP8 version of the app has these features. Other features are available on WP7 as well.

Users of earlier Kirik Search Pro app will also get these updates.

Kirik Search is the first and most comprehensive search app for WP. The app can search for your contacts, music, calendar (over a two year period) and pictures. It can search the web, maps, music store, app store and much more. For more details you can see this article.

Get Kirik Search for $1.99 here.Try most features of the app for free here.

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