New algorithm lets webStore download any news site

webStore is the app which can download any web site onto your phone so you can view it later. News sites such as online newspapers tend to have a very complex structure but the new wide-shallow web-crawling algorithm implemented in webStore lets it pull down the content of main news stories first without getting too lost in cascading style sheets. So now you can view almost any news site offline without needing a separate app. Of course, webStore is also good for keeping other kinds of sites – for example you can carry around the whole periodic table with articles about every element. Or an English-Spanish phrasebook.

For each site, you control the depth of links followed, whether to download pictures, whether to enable javascript. You can set sites to expire after a certain number of days and then you can refresh them automatically.

Use webStore for news sites, reference sites, blogs, whatever you like! The app comes with these example sets to download:

  • Main news stories from BBC website
  • English-Spanish phrasebook
  • Periodic table with articles on every element
  • Latest abstracts from Nature Genetics

Details for other sites are provided in the documentation and it’s easy to set up your own. Or if you come across an interesting site when you’re browsing with Internet Explorer just copy the URL into webStore and you can read it later.

You can try webStore for free so take a look and see what you think.

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