New Advertising Platform SDK For Windows 8.1 Contains Unique Identifier Capabilities

Windows 8.1 includes new advertising capabilities that will help developers monetize their apps. Specifically,  Windows 8.1 includes a unique identifier that can be used to improve the quality and relevance of advertisements displayed within Windows Store apps while providing other services such as analytics and app-discovery. The advertising ID was also created with privacy in mind and consumers can control when it is on or off.

Today Microsoft has made available the software development kits (SDKs) that leverage the advertising ID from:

  • Microsoft Advertising, with an updated version of Ad SDK (version # 8.1.30909) available in Visual Studio 2013 GA.
  • MediaBrix, for their Breakthrough Moments™ (BTMs) cross-platform technology, which reaches game players at natural, critical points in gameplay where people are most receptive to brand messages.
  • LeadBolt for their mobile app discovery, advertising, and monetization platform, using AppFireworks for actionable analytics and a cross promotion platform.

These SDKs will better enable developers and advertisers to take advantage of the advertising ID feature to improve ad relevance. Over time, experience has shown that displaying ads in apps that relate to the customer’s true interests contributes to higher satisfaction for customers, higher revenues for developers and advertisers, and ultimately the success of the entire ecosystem. With the advertising ID and SDKs, app builders and advertising partners will realize the following benefits:

  • Publishers will have a better understanding of which of their apps a customer installs.
  • Advertising partners can serve more relevant and profitable ads to a customer without accessing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Advertising partners can put limits on how many times it serves an ad to the same customer, known as frequency capping.
  • Publishers can track promotions and app incentives to a user to prevent fraud.

Additionally, more flexible onboarding policies allow third party ads for Windows Store apps, enabling SDKs to choose and serve the best paying ads from a broad range of ad networks.

Download the new Windows 8.1 SDKs

Source: Windows App Builder Blog

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