A new 500GB Xbox Series X|S expansion card is reportedly on the way


17, 2021

According to a report from the French website Xbox Squad, there’s apparently a new 500GB Xbox Series X|S expansion card on the way coming to us from Seagate. 

With the Xbox Series S having rather piddly internal storage considering the size of modern games it’s no surprise that there’s demand for additional storage, as not everyone can utilize Xbox Cloud Gaming, but these specialist drives do come at a remarkable cost. 

Thankfully, it appears that Seagate is working on a smaller, and notably cheaper, expansion card, so you’re not forced to buy one that’s nearly as expensive as the Series S console itself. 

The new 500GB expansion card, as reported by Xbox Squad, will reportedly cost somewhere between €149 to €169 which is around £130. While it’s obviously half as big as Seagate’s 1TB offering, it is significantly less than £220. 

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With the impressive technology which powers the Xbox Series X|S’ lightning-fast SSD’s, Seagate’s drives are, for the time being, the only way to natively expand the console’s storage, which has them demanding quite the price tag. 

Thankfully, to alleviate some storage concerns, backwards compatible Xbox One, 360, and original Xbox games can all be stored on an external USB drive, as they don’t require the full might of the Xbox Series X|S’ Velocity Architecture to be played. 

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