New 1750 mAh battery from Seido for the HTC Touch Pro 2

BASI17HTP2-2 Pocketnow has reported on a new extended battery from 3rd party battery experts Seido which boosts your HTC Touch Pro 2 battery power by 15% while still maintaining the same original form factor.

The battery is set to be a pricy $49.95, so that 15% run time better be worth it for you.  If however this is what you have been waiting for, the product will become available from the 28th September from Seido here (Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon Touch Pro2). To cushion the blow Seido has a discount code which ends 30th September. "FALL5" will save $5 on orders of $50; "FALL10" saves $10 on orders of $75.