Never miss a Special Tweet Count again with TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone

“Sigh! I missed my xxxxth tweet!” – Do you know this feeling?

Don’t worry, there is a solution for you. TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone monitors your tweet counts, and informs you via Live-Tile, Toast Notification or even email once you are near a special count like your 10000th tweet.

This small but powerful app has a lot of options for you:

  • monitor your tweet counts and see how much you have left to your next special count
  • set up custom Tweet Counts
  • Live Tile and Toast Notification via Push (no background agent = no impact on you battery life)
  • alert via email
  • #WinPhan mode (adds the hashtag #WinPhan to all tweets sent through the app)
  • #itweetalot mode (adds the hashtag #itweetalot to all tweets sent through the app)
  • manual refresh of your cloud data
  • manual refresh of your counts
  • standard tweet templates
  • save up to 4 custom tweet templates

QRCodeTweeCoMinder has a 5 day trial without any limits, full version is available at 1.49$.

Download TweeCoMinder by scanning the QR-Code below or use this link.

See a short video demo after the break.

TweeCoMinder for Windows Phone from MSicc on Vimeo.