Never forget your coupons again – LocationMinder

LocationMinder v1.8

Have you ever wanted to buy that thing that you always needed in the back of your head in the groceries store, yet every time you visit the place you never remember about it?

Have you ever thought you could have been not so poor, if you were to remember to collect that poker debt that your best friend owe you every time you visit his place for another game?

What about that coupon that you received in mail to get free appetizers on the restaurant that you always go to? Don’t you wish your phone can remind you of that?

LocationMinder is here to help!

The complete TO-DO list replacement

LocationMinder is a time and location based reminder manager, it is a complete replacement of the TO-DO list in the Windows Phone OS. LocationMinder allows you to set not only one, but multiple locations for a single reminder. The built in fully featured Google based location searcher allows you to easily search/add/remove locations that are tied to your reminder.

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Great partners with Group buy Vouchers, Coupons

Forget to bring your group-buy voucher at the place where you can get a deal? Don’t worry, LocationMinder got you covered. The app allows you to snap and/or attach pictures to a reminder, so that you will always have that voucher bar code in your pocket.

Plan out your journey to complete your TO-DOs!

LocationMinder features a "At a glance" page that lets you visualize all the reminders you have created in one single map view.

Never miss a reminder again!

Pin LocationMinder to the Start Screen and you will always be notified if you have missed a reminder! If you really missed one, don’t worry, LocationMinder remembers your last missed reminder location, date and time.



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