Netmarketshare: Windows 10 sees a slight fall while Chrome acquires more than 65% of the browser market

Netmarketshare numbers are out and they are not particularly good for Microsoft. The new numbers show Chrome leading the race to capture two-thirds of the market share while Windows saw a slight fall.

Starting with Operating System, the news isn’t good for Microsoft. The company is still struggling to make at least half it’s users run on Windows 10. Moreover, this month, Windows 10 fell to 37.44% which is a slight drop but is noticeable. On the other hand, Windows 7 still sits on the top with 40% of the market share.

Last month’s numbers showed Google leading the race capture two-thirds of the market. This month’s numbers show that Google is now even closer as the browser now holds 66.28% of the market, followed by Internet Explorer at 9.94%. Microsoft’s new browser, Edge sits at the last spot with just 4.08% of the market share. Microsoft is having a tough time getting users to use Edge as users still prefer to stick with Internet Explorer.

It is however clear that despite Microsoft’s efforts Edge is not catching on. Microsoft will need to take drastic measures to ensure Edge moves forward and not get stuck in the same place and get killed.

Source: Netmarketshare