Netmarketshare: Both Windows 10 and Chrome see a slight jump in the market share

Netmarketshare has released the market share for February 2020. The data shows a slight jump in Windows 10 and Google Chrome’s market share compared to January 2020’s data.

With Windows 7’s end of support, more and more users are switching to Windows 10. The OS now holds 57.39% of the market and is followed by Windows 7 which is at 25.20% of the market. Windows 8.1 comes in third with 3.48% of the market and is followed by macOS X 10.14 which is at 2.77%.

On the browser side of things, Google Chrome registered a slight jump in the market share. The web browser now holds 67.27% of the market share and is followed by Mozilla Firefox which sits at 7.57% of the market. Microsoft’s  Edge and Internet Explorer held third and fourth spots with 7.39% and 6.38% of the market share.

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