Netmarketshare: Windows 10 and Google Chrome see a rise in the market share

Netmarketshare’s numbers for the month of July 2018 are out today, and Windows 10 continues to rise, hitting 37% of devices captured by the firm. However, this month saw a drop in Windows 7’s from 43% to 41% of the devices in use.

According to the numbers, Google Chrome rose up to 65% which is not a big change but is noticeable. Also, Firefox dropped to 10% and Microsoft Edge saw a decline from 4.25% to 4.21%.

The latest Net Market Share numbers bring some good news for Microsoft as Windows 10 moves closer to 50%. Windows 7 still leads the race with 41% of the market share even though the company has dropped support for the Operating System. Moving to the browser market, Microsoft still needs to work hard in order to capture the browser market which is dominated by Google Chrome.

Source: NetMarketShare