Netmarketshare: In August Windows Phone installed base passed Symbian, grew faster than iOS


1, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Its the 1st of the month again, and time for all the stats companies to weight in on the progress of Windows Phone.

According to the well respected NetMarketShare, in August Windows Phone held 2.69% of mobile web usage, passing Symbian for the first time, which has been steadily dropping and now holds 2.61%. Windows Phone passes Blackberry in May 2014.

Also of note is that Windows Phone gained 0.20% market share between July and August, while iOS gained only 0.15%. iOS has been steadily losing market share, dropping from 63.48% in September 2012 to 44.34% in August 2014.

Android of course continued to grow fastest, gaining 0.39% to 45%, having passed iOS in terms of usage in July this year.

Readers should not Netmarketshare reflects web usage, and does not directly translate into the number of devices in the field. It does give an indication of growth or decline however.

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