Netflix now streams studio-quality audio on Android devices


25, 2021

Author Pradeep // in News

Netflix audio

If you want to enjoy the best audio experience on Netflix mobile app, you need an Android-based smartphone. Netflix recently announced that it now streams Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC (xHE-AAC) to compatible Android smartphones (Android 9 and newer). This new codec improves intelligibility in noisy environments, adapt to variable cellular connections, and scale to studio-quality. Netflix tested this new audio codec with users and found it to be useful.

On mobile devices, most Netflix members use built-in speakers. When members switch to headphones, it can be a sign that the built-in output level is not satisfactory, and they hope for a better experience. For example, perhaps the dialogue level is not audible. In our test, we found that members switched away from built-in speakers 7% less often when listening to xHE-AAC. When the content was high dynamic range, they switched 16% less.

Source: Netflix

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